Welcome to Our ISD Schools!

Our ISD Schools is a group of concerned parents and citizens focused on addressing issues within the Independence, MO school board and district administration.

We believe there are areas where improvements can be made to better serve all students, families, and community members. Our concern lies in ensuring equitable opportunities for all members of our community, including low-income, non-English-speaking, special needs, racial and ethnic minorities, and LGBTQIA+ individuals.

Additionally, we aim to promote accountability within the district leadership and advocate for increased transparency and public participation in decision-making processes. Our mission is centered on shining a light on these issues and advocating for positive change within the Independence Missouri School District.

We understand that this process will take time and commitment, and we are dedicated to working towards a school district that serves the needs of all individuals. If you’re interested in joining our efforts, please subscribe to our announcements list to stay informed.